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Standard Parathyroid Operation

 Standard Parathyroid Operation The standard parathyroid operation has not changed much since first invented in 1925. The patient will still be put under general anesthesia, suffer a large incision in the neck, and have all four parathyroid’s examined. General anesthesia is safe these days, but usually associated with more hospital time and a bigger operation. On average, the operation takes 2 - 4 hours and patients are typically hospitalized overnight. Occasionally, patients end up staying a full 48 hours before returning home.

The standard parathyroid operation is technically challenging, and usually requires an experienced surgeon with extensive operative experience for ultimate results. Because of the numerous small nerves and other important structures within the neck, the cure rate is very dependent upon the experience of the surgeon. Numerous publications have shown that the success rate following parathyroid surgery is directly related to the number of parathyroid operations the surgeon has performed.

Luckily, this is no longer the standard way of performing parathyroid surgery.


Parathyroid Treatments


Next, read about a better and safer option, minimally invasive parathyroidectomy

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