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Out Of Town Patients

Babak Larian, MD, FACS, is known around the world for his parathyroid expertise and frequently has patients fly in from out of town for consultations and surgery at the CENTER for Advanced Parathyroid Surgery.


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Signs and Symptoms






Cognitive dysfunction(poor concentration)
Poor Sleep



Bone Pain
Muscle Weakness



Peptic Ulcer Disease 
Acute Pancreatitis
Abdominal Pain



Kidney Stones
Frequent Urination
Night time Urination 



High Blood Pressure 

Calcium is used by every cell and organ in the body to function; as such calcium imbalance can have a wide range of signs and symptoms.

The severity of symptoms does not go hand in hand with the level of rise in calcium. Some patients with slight elevation in calcium will have severe osteoporosis. Because the symptoms are so non-specific and the patients can have any combination of symptoms, they are not appropriately diagnosed as having a parathyroid disorder, and the patients go untreated. Interestingly enough even the patients who are without symptoms find that they feel much better after surgery.

In several medical studies it has been shown that 95% of patients state they feel better after surgery. As early as 72 hours after surgery, most patients feel an improvement in many of the symptoms. All patients with hyperparathyroidism will develop osteoporosis. Taking medications such as Fosamax or Actonel will not help bones that are less dense due to parathyroid disease. Long-standing elevation in calcium places a heavy burden on the body and has been proven to lead to a decreased life expectancy. Parathyroid disease only gets worse with time in everyone. It will continually change, and will not get better on its own.

If you are suffering from hyperparathyroidism or would like to know more schedule an appointment at the CENTER or call us at 310.461.0300 today!

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